About me

Daco is a French artist who has made himself known especially because of his paintings on the walls and in the subway of Paris.
He got his master's degree in fine Arts at the french school Beaux-Arts de Paris, a well known school who plays an essential role in the artistic and cultural french scene. He started to get interested in classical Graffiti and then quickly found out that he was attracted by WildStyle (abstract lettering).
For the last 20 years, he has got his sights set on a more unstructured style with the aim of creating his own visual identity: a unique and recognizable style. He his used to painting in secluded areas such as disused factories or big outside walls as well, using several kinds of stuffs as wood, iron, metal, canvas etc.
Daco also built his visual identity with a series of animals, named «Graffaune», a contraction of Graffiti and Faune (Fauna in english). His graphic line aims for more geometric style. His animals travel from walls to galleries all around the world: France, Chile (Valparaiso and Santiago), Switzerland (Lausanne), Portugal (Lisboa), Spain (Barcelona), Italy (Roma), Reunion island (Saint Leu and Saint Denis) and more recently Taiwan (Taipei).


Braderie de l'art par Art Point M

Invitation à venir peindre sur une caravane à l'entrée de la braderie de l'art à Roubaix, devant la condition publique.


Street Art City - Peinture

Invitation à venir peindre sur un mur de 7mètres de haut à Street Art City ( lurcy levis), pendant 2 jours


Peinture pour l'association QQFP avec MyStreetArtParis

Invitation à venir peindre sur un container, à Paris 12ème, sur la petite ceinture pour l'association "qu'est-ce qu'on peut faire".